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Intro - Rutger Klamer

Nederlands? Before you get to know me, you should know a few things. This page is completely interactive. Try and click me for example. Try and find all these interactive elements. With that being said. Please follow the 4 steps on getting to know me. I've listed them below. :)

Welcome to New Quezon City
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Rutger Klamer - 'light source'

Step 01. Who is this bloke?

Who am I? I needed to answer that question whilest writing this. You'd say that'd be easy since, you know, I am me. I actually found this question pretty hard, but I think I managed:

I am a creative person who loves to make stuff and solve problems. I've made various things like music, websites, games, poetry, pictures and a lot of nonsense. Other then making stuff, I also like to enjoy stuff. This includes music (techno), books, games, movies and last but certainly not least, you.

Step 02. What does he do?

I am currently studying social work at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands. I've always had a special interest in other persons wellbeing. After following a few studies I didn't like, I've finally found a career path I like. Before that I finished a study called Game architecture and design. Programming is something I love to do, but it's more of a hobby instead of a career path for me. I'm really happy I finished this study since it's a place I can let my creativity go wild.

Step 03. What did he make?

I enjoy making things. Some have practical use-cases, but some are utter non-sense. Here are two lists you can check out:

03.1 - Counfties

Countries + NFT's = counfties: World war blockchain game with passive income. Buy countries for X and earn X * 1.1 when someone buys your country.

03.2 - NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace for the RavenX charity cryptocurrency. Currently they have donated

03.3 - Charity advertisements

Show a random ad for charity. This ad display random charity ads you can put on your website.

03.4 - Blog

A blog I keep up to date with my latest interests.

03.5 - De overhoorder

Personalised learning environment for my study social work at the NHL-Stenden in Leeuwarden, Friesland.

03.6 - Social organisation map

Map of local social organisations. Build for social work organisations to easily find other organisations more specialised in a certain subject.

03.7 - NFT Museum gallery

Virtual NFT museum. Completely 3D and personalisable.

03.8 - Game engine

Made from scratch in C++. Buuilding simple games in a pure C++ environment has never been easier.

03.9 - 100+ programming challenges

100+ programming challenges I did in various languages to test my programming and math skills. Also checking which programming language performs the task the fastest.

03.10 - Logical puzzles

Logical puzzles you can solve. Designed to be minimalistic.

03.11 - Cryptocurrency tracker

Tracking cryptocurrencies using the Coingecko API.

03.12 - Math visualisations

Cool, customizable and interactive math visualisations. Some satisfying math experiments to look at.

03.13 - Poetry

Poetry in Dutch.

03.14 - Techno songs

Made by me, (probably) for me.

03.15 - Rock paper scissors LIVE

Plat with me, I'll be there.

03.16 - Showerthinker

Combining r/showerthoughts with r/earthporn to create beautiful images.

03.17 - Usersort

Most advanced sorting algorithm ever.

Step 04. I want to speak to him.

I promote positive social change and development. I'm trying to enhance the wellbeing of as many people as possible. So, if you need help for a good cause you can shoot me a message on:

I have to leave you for now though :(

Have an awesome day!

Yours sincerely,
Rutger Klamer