A cryptocurrency journey

I entered the market in 2017 and quit once that bear market hit. I rejoined at the end of 2020.

All This, Surely, Was Good

Well yeah ofcourse, I've made my bucks and so have others. But damn, it was an exhausting journey. It's so easy to go with your emotions and disregard the technical analyses (TA) or any other rational decision making. It's key to keep your head calm and don't make any dumb decisions. Other then money, this bull run also really sparked my interest in technology again. At first I just started trading on Binance. I soon moved to a private wallet and started trading on Pancakeswap. Seeing the possibilities the blockchain can bring I've been looking into the Solidity programming language and started going from there.

I made some crazy things

So I started programming again. My younger self must be so proud (rough sketch listed below).

~ 2016, Rutger Klamer - probably

First making some simple currency contracts I soon moved into fully interactable web3 programs. Firstly I started developing an NFT museum for the Raven X cryptocurrency. I then made my own online blockchain game at counfties.com

Then the bull market hit

So as you know I quit crypto in 2017 after the bear market hit. I didn't have any big bucks in the crypto space so it was okay. I re-entered in the end of 2020 with some serious intentions of making money. Around the 10th of may another bear market hit. I've cashed at the right moment. I've decided to stick around this time. Altough my programming interest (in the crpyto space) has slight shrunk, it still gave me a lot of motivation to make amazing things.

So now what?

Well I guess we'll see. The space is very much still alive. So we can expect some crazy things in the coming months. But till then, we're all buting our nails.

Article by Rutger Klamer