Buddhism what's that?

So you'd think thise eastern ideology wouldn't grow it roots into western culture. Well, guess again, it did. But what kind of religion is it?

Well that's your first mistake. I don't think it's a religion. It's a lifestyle, a mindset.

Suffering gets us down, and well, life has a lot of it. We can't avoid it, so we need to embrace it, understand it.

So what causes suffering? Well to simply put it, greed. Everything you want't to achieve or get will let you down once you dont achieve or get it.

So how can we end it? First we need to understand it. We need to know where it origins, once we know that, we can detach ourselves from the cravings and desire.

What's the true way to do it? Well we can look into the eightfold path.

Article by Rutger Klamer